With the NHS confirming that vaping is 95% less harmful than smoking, there has never been a better time to switch


buy a safe & simple vaping device

There are countless devices available to begin your vaping journey with, but we recommend an e-cigarette that is simple to use and accurately simulates the experience of inhaling a cigarette to make the switch as seamless as possible.


buy a safe, regulated e-liquid

Now you’re ready to explore the galaxy of incredible e-liquid flavours. From uncanny tobacco to refreshing mints and menthols, mouth-watering fruits to scrumptious desserts; there is an e-liquid flavour for everyone.

With variable levels of nicotine, e-liquid makes it easy to taper down your nicotine consumption at your own pace until you’re ready to leave the habit behind for good.


fill your catridge and leave smoking behind

Follow the instructions on your e-cigarette device to top up the tank or pod with your chosen e-liquid. Depending on the e-cigarette, you can adjust the power and airflow to tailor your vape experience to your exact preference.

Vape as you would have smoked, as much as you feel like to satisfy your nicotine cravings, and you’ll quickly discover how easily vaping replaces unpleasant cigarettes with a delicious, safe and satisfying alternative.

Make the switch with the vpod pro